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Me, too.

Raise Your Voice. Against those harassments with girls. Often unrevealed. Unspoken.

Never let those bad intentions win over. 
Me, too. Is your voice against sexual harrasments. 
This is a humble request to all girls reading this story right now. 
Just Speak Out. When your inner self whispers.
Do you know one thing? Why I titled this story Me, too.
It is a sign that I also suffered that lower class mentalities. Where so called Man thinks Womens are nothing. And I am so proud that I have overcome my fears, of being judged. Slapped that shit mentality. Right on his face.
Shocked ??
It happens.
What I am going to share is an incident that I will never forget. An incident that made me stronger.
Actually very strong. 
So, here it goes.
It was 4:24 PM exact. I was filling my water bottle. Suddenly a person came around. The way he gazed, the smell of his bad intentions made me sceptical. 
That moment Scared me for a while. But, I don't know from where I got the courage. When he tried to …

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