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When she entered the class. Don't know how, but he knew. He was not able to eye off with the girl. She just entered the heart right through the eyes.

Life became her Smile. And he wanted to be the reason behind those blushes. The way they faced each other. God smiled.

Drama class and just one beautiful pair of the entire university. Their story was undefined. Now, their Love is undefined.Seems like time never skipped a moment. To let the story begin.

She came in and settled.  As every class has a ritual to club up. She stands first, wow! He was amazed by nothing but this Confidence.As she came to the Diece. She mesmerized even more with a beautiful voice. He knew.. she is going to be a tough competition.  Afterall, the Queen adorned the pace with a Grace. The way our King was supposed to go, She nailed!!


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