Sunday, 25 December 2016

Kuch Love Jaisa..

Is this really true..??

love adds some magic to life..

some more magical lines...take a look..

Tiny rain droplets falling on the lashes along with the first ray of sun & making tiny rainbows..

The breeze rustling through the hair..( just one look from someone special..) ..
It is what keeps the world still so beautiful.. this a dreamy world really true...?? or just a fantasy from blue..

Is it a poet's imagination, to relieve life from its tensions..?
or is it indeed some magic.. Divine ethereal through often tragic...

really its too difficult to define your feelings.. you become speechless.. mind might get confused..  but  your heart understands everything.. very smartly..

Yeah!!  Your heart tells you that “Yes!! You are Falling in Love..”

somewhere we all agree with that universal truth..
Love just happens.. it rings your heart and enters within your soul like a fresh air..
And leaves you with an amazing glow.. which you never saw on your face..
Leaves you with something in your heart.. which becomes a love song of your life..

Just feel it.. you will find your whole world in these feelings..
This feeling can never die in this world..

Monday, 19 December 2016

The second page of my diary..

The most beautiful feeling ever..

the second page of my diary..

the memorable part of my life..those crazy moments in which i felt life..those crazy mood swings..the most beautiful feeling ever i felt in life.. is just because of u..

Someone asked me..what is love..?? i couldn't answer because at that point i was very confused about emotions. there was lots of lots of.. mixed emotions.. but gradually it has became pretty much clear to me.. clear that not to go with just emotions rather than blindly showing faith on anything.. Hold on.. just hold on for a while.. ask your self.. Do you deserve really this.. Or Something much better than this.. Or even much more Special...

Here is the thing.. everyone of my age could relate with..i was talking about..all of mine..adolescence..

as per that silly girl's point of view.. all about life..all about love..some lines very close to my heart..and still means a lot to me..

It is the purest, softest & gentlest of all the human emotions..It is the elixir of this life. 

It is as pure as tinkling of temple bells.. it is as delicate as the fluttering of butterfly's wings..


As gentle as a new born baby's smile..& for is a dreamy world..really..

It is just a fantasy every girl just think of it..and i am the lucky one who has felt this most beautiful feeling..

blessed to have u in life..the memories which can not fade away..never..

Ye Kaisa Rishta: Tera Or Mera..!

Haan.. Tumhara or Mera ..  Ye kaisa rishta hai,  Jisme na mene tumhe kisi dor se bandha hai, Na hi tumne mujh par koi sawa...