Monday, 27 February 2017

My world is beautiful with your smiles..

The fragrance of your loving arms beholds the beauty of my life!!

My world and my life has become alive right from the moment you started loving me form the core of your heart.

When someone starts taking care of you, when you mean to him much more than anything else in this materialistic world.

When someone has started loving you from every bit of his heart.

When you mean something to someone, who means the world to you.

There is only one thing in this world keeps the world so beautiful, and that is Love..

So the story was about our "Sleeping Beauty" who never felt like this ever in life.

She never been with someone who made her feel this much special..what these fluttering butterflies in stomach was doing.

She was at that age where everyone falls in love at least once, but..

She is not an ordinary girl. She never fell for someone because she was in love with that one guy whom she loved with all her heart.

The guy of her dreams who stole her heart in the beginning of this story

Her life became a fairy tale for her and she was the princess of this story.

And here comes the prince..

And The Prince who was completely unknown to this fact and had no idea that there is someone, there is a girl who is loving him with every bit of her heart..

You know it is the most lovable thing in life that you have become the reason for someone's smiles!

For you someone's heart is beating.

You are the one someone is waiting for..

" Love is the most expensive gem only beautiful hearts can afford "

Till the next story comes, be happy make others happy!
Let's spread love everywhere.
See You!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

When Her Heart Started To Smile..

This is something what your Heart says to your heart-beats.

Have you guys ever noticed that when your heartbeat tells you something really sweet !

When your each and everything revolves around just one person.
When you don't need to apply makeup to make your face shine to make it glow.
You don't have to wear smile it comes naturally.

It happens..

When a "Sleeping Beauty" wakes up at 6:00 am or sometimes at 5:00 am.
When a so called "Irresponsible Guy" becomes much more caring.

Here comes the magic in Life!
Which not only changes you but your entire life..

When we start believing in something from the core of our heart..when reality is finally more beautiful than our dreams.

The feeling changes your world in just one single moment. In the blink of an eye.

So, the story was about the girl.
Our "Sleeping Beauty"
Her heart was flowing in an ocean of Feeling 
this is still an endless journey of her innocent feelings.

As she didn't know what love is actually she believes in love but never fell in love. She never just never thought about these feeling ever before !
She was really happy in her own world of Chocolates and Ice-Creams.

She was scared of Love. She was nervous to be in..

Everyone in her friend circle could see that love for something may be for someone in her eyes, in her smiles.

The girl always prays..she never ask something for herself, but still there is something in her eyes keeps on shining. Don't know for what..

The girl has something in her heart may be a soft corner..if not then why she is loving something or may be someone so deeply that it is clearly visible in her eyes, in her prayers.

Her entire life changed in a moment..she was not familiar with those feelings which were entering in her heart.
But somehow she handled herself her feelings at that span of time.

" Ab aalam ye thaa ki..har roz ek nayii subah use jagatii..ek naye se pyare se ehsaas ke saath..."

She wakes up with a beautiful smile on her face. Not only on her face but heart started smiling too...
And a journey of falling in love was started..

Will meet again with another beautiful page of her diary.
Till then keep falling in love!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Story begins now..

Don't know what happens to this heart..

What I am going to Share Is The Starting of My Stories.. My Passions... It is the Only Reason Worth Remembering.. It Recalls The Most Beautiful Time Of Everyone Who Believes That Love Changes Our Lives..

So when it comes to me The Story starts from a heart and a heartbeat..

The Story of A Girl..

and her heart...

and the only one who occupied all of its space...

She was very happy in her world with her barbies..chocolates and ice-creams..and suddenly someone comes into her life and her life changes in a moment...

She never thought of this..

She never felt like ever in her life..

No one was there.. No one would be..

Because The Girl Loved With All Her Heart..

Suddenly this heart starts beating.. now a days it seems so difficult to understand these feelings..

A person who does not belongs to my he has just another level of intelligence, knowledge,

He is worth loving.. worthy to be cared for..

I never saw such a beautiful heart at this young age before..

You know what.. I always thought there is no one in this world god has made, for whom i will fall for..again and again i see him..

It seems like he is the only one..

I never found myself this nervous in front of anyone..

He is like an inspiration to do something in life.. to achieve something in life..

Suddenly a stranger meant this much to me..why ??

Can't understand.. Just didn't know how to handle these feelings..


See you again with the next page of her diary..till then..keep falling in love guys..

#innocence #adolescence

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