Sunday, 26 March 2017

Kyu Tumse Itna Pyaar Hai..

Its a sparkle that adds a glamour to your lives.. 

Don't know why but sometimes it happens, you and your voice pop up in mind suddenly everything going on outside seems to be taken a pause. 

The thing is that me in khayalon se kabhi nikal nahi pati..

Ever felt like this??

Swimming in an ocean of thoughts!!

She never get her Prince out of her head. 

You know what, there is never a Time for love, it happens accidentally in a flashing moment, in the blink of an eye and you, you start to fly in the sky!!

Why its very difficult for me to forget that cute face.

This much of innocence has lots of affections!!

He was smiling in my eyes. It was not in my hands to hide that feeling. 
Its like a magic which turn the dust of life into a golden haze. 

This age becomes a turning point of everyone's life, same thing was happening with our sleeping beauty.

And life will certainly bring to a place where you have to face everything you were always afraid of...

Kyu kabhi bhool hi nahi saki un lamhon ko, un sare ehsaason ko, un sare jazbaton ko jinhe aaj bhi mehsoos kar sakti hoon..

If i remember you, i forget myself. He was on the way to become her heart, her soul, her treasure,her today, her tomorrow, her forever, her everything.

You know everyone can see clearly in your eyes, what's in your heart when you look at a person who means world to you.

Each and every second she spent with the Prince made her heart Smile and herself even more beautiful not only from out side but from inside too.

Let's take a look what was going on in her life in her own words. The most beautifully written love story by a Princess. The next page of her diary..

Ye ehsaas, ye jazbaat aapse hi hain..
Beshak door hain aap hamse par door hokar bhi kyu itne kareeb ho??
Na jane kyu ek anjani si dor ne bandh ke rakha hai..

Wo meri pyari si dua hai, wo meri sabse pyari yaad hai.
Sometimes i wake up at dawn or 
Or apni chahton ko mang liya karti hoon duaon me us rab se..!!

Un ehsaason ki to baat hi door ki hai aap to kabhi mere khayalon se hi nahi ja paye.
I can see your face whenever i close my eyes, i can feel your voice i can feel you!
Sometimes i get scared of my own heartbeats!!
Why i always run away from my own feelings??
What i know is the feelings i have for you can't be changed, never just never.

Doesn't matter what would be the next day, this moment is ours, let's make it count!!

Don't know why my heart believes in love so strongly.
Jane kyu heart still waits for you.
Jane kyu aapko talsh karta hai,
Every time it keeps reminding me that yes you are the one!

Actually i am not scared of falling in love, i am scared on the feeling comes when you look at me and the way you smile!

Is dil ne kabhi aapko bhoolne hi nahi diya..
I lost in this wave of ocean when you enter in my thoughts, don't know what you will do when you enter my life. 

It seems like a miracle, a magical world.

When god created you,
he took very special care to find that special features to that made you this much of admired in life. 
Not only by me but everyone around you.
He fashioned you with sugar and little bit of spice.
He gave you everything that is nice and superb.

God smiled when he created you, because he knew he had created Love & Loyalty together..!!

But only thing i know is The person you are thinking of while reading this, is the person matters the most to you right now.

Kitni khubsurat ho jati hai ye Zindagi..

Kitni shokhiyaan aa jati hai life me jab aapka dil khwab sanjone lagta hai.

Kitne khushnuma ehsaas hain, kitne masoom se jazbat hain kya bataoon..

You are not only my love first you are my best friend for life, who know me more than i know myself.
I want to be yours forever,
I want to be yours once in a lifetime kind of romance.
I want to be yours last and most intense lover.
I want to be the one you found rare, precious, special, adorable, lovable, extra ordinary. 

Because i know always knew, my heart, it never beats for anything but for you!!

Just listen to your heart, everything else would make its own way.

Until then keep falling in love..
See You!!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Amour..

That's what Love does, it makes us better.

You can't just see this magic happening to you, from far away. That's when your heart starts beating. It not only engage your heart but every color of your life.

The heart wants what it wants. There is no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love. That's that.

You can't forget those restless nights. When your heart wants to fly away..
Those little moments became her life..

Falling in Love with someone isn't always going to be easy, anger, tear and laughter Its when you want to be together despite it all.

You don't know what i feel about you. You Smile in my eyes, whenever i wake up or i fall asleep.

How can i stop myself can't take my heartbeats away from heart, when both of them wants the same thing.. that is You.

Those stupid talks we did together.
Those harmless future plannings we made with each other.
Those feelings when you first looked in my eyes.
Those special moments we shared.

How could it be possible that I share all these things with you.
No i can't.

How could i write your name with mine..??

She never get to know what is it all about?? what she feel is all about?? 

You made me realize how beautiful is my life, Loving you was never in my hands..

I know no one in this world untouched from this beautiful feeling..everyone reading this..

So hamari Princess The Sleeping Beauty ko kese nahi hota, even she is also a Girl..!!

Use pyaar to pehle se hi tha.. apne khwabon se,, music se, uski books se, uske friends se, is zindagi se..

But, ab wo pehle se jyada pyaar karne lagi thi in sab cheezon se.. 

Uske dil ne dhadakna to ab shuru kiya thaa..

Just take a look what happens next in her beautiful journey..

In this beautiful journey, this girl who is untouched of the most beautiful feeling in this world, may god bless her life with lots of love and happiness!!

Now, she notices that she was smiling for no reason, she wakes up too early, and her face has got a beautiful glow, her inner voice tells the name of his Prince Charming to her, and every time she listen to this voice her soul tries to took her away.. 

Me kaise apne naam ko kisi or ke naam ke saath likh doon??

Mana ki mere ehsaason se me wakif hoon, par wo to nahi..
Sirf mujhe ehsaas hai.. sirf mujhko hi khabar hai in jazbaton ki..

I know what i feel but i can't let him know.

Bas ek pal me hi meri zindagi badal gayi!!

En sare ehsason ne meri neendein tak uda li, dil ke jazbaton ko lafz hi nahi mil rahe..

Zindagi ek khubsurat se lamhe mein simat kar reh gayi , aur shayad inhi chand lamhon me mene apni zindagi samet li..

Un baarison ne puri tarah bheega diya..

This one moment has changed her entire life, just one look from someone special. She can't even fell asleep because finally her life was more beautiful than her dreams. 

That one fate captured her heart!

Amour was raining in her life..

Don't know why.. par do aankhon ke siva mene kabhi kuch oor dekha hi nahi..

Its not about you, its about me! i really don't know why my heart is beating this fast??

Kyu pehli baar apni duaon me kisi ko mangne laga..
Kyu esa hone laga..
Kyu Zindagi khwab bunanae lagi..
Kyu hum apne dil ki awaaz ko sunane lage??

Kyu aapki yaadon ko apne dil me kaid karke rakh liya??
Kyu in jazbaton ko apne dil-o-dimag se laga baithe??

Kyu Zindagi itne sare khwab bunane lagi..

Aur kyu kisi ajnabi ko dil yun toot kar chahne laga..

Pehle to esa kabhi hua nahi thaa..

See.. how cute her questions was to her heart..

Why she is feeling loved??
Why her heart started to smile??
Why she has got butterflies in her heart?? forget stomach!
Why her life was changing in a moment and seems like a magic has happened.

This was never happened to her ever before.

And she fell in love..


See you soon!!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Beyond My Control..

So you met our Princess and his Prince Charming.

This time, I let you know what was her thoughts about these flattery emotions. Which has got a soft corner in her heart, probably this was because of someone special she always wanted to be with.. That someone who has captured every second thought of her.. That someone who was in her mind when she wakes up in the morning. That someone who was the reason her heart was smiling like never before.. That one who was becoming The One from Someone and from Someone to Something more than just Someone.. Shayad.. he was entering in her life.. 

But our Sleeping Beauty had no idea she was completely unknown  about what was happening to her heart, shayad..wo anjan thi.. ya fir in jazbaton ka use tajurba nahi tha..

The most beautiful thing about her was.. she writes, she loves to play with words! she wrote everything in her secret diary.

Here, she is sharing her the third page of her diary in which she tried to explain her emotions.. Despite of knowing that this feeling can't be expressed in words..

Just take a look how beautifully she shared her innocent emotions..

I am scared of Love,
but i love these feelings.

I just don't understand these things,
these feelings, the thoughts.
because somewhere its all new for me, 
but i want to be like this always.. forever..

Reason is that I love myself when i feel You in Me..
Reason is that I love myself more when i could fee there is definitely Something in the air and its all because of You..

I just can't handle it, I go mad sometimes..
I know,
But this is what, this is the only thing for what my heart says something to me.. very sweet..

All yours,



I know you can't forget that feeling.. see you soon, take care everyone!! 

Until then Keep falling in love..

I'll be back.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

When Her Love Started To Bloom..

All of her prayers began to turn into reality. The moment she realized that she is in someone's heart..

Someone's heart started thinking about her all the time. She never knew these feelings are going to transform her entire life. She became much more dedicated now towards everything she does, let it be her study or her passions. She was blooming from inside, her heart was beating like never before. She is a girl with an awesome heart, untouched by the most beautiful feelings, even from the feelings she has for someone. She is flying in the air now.

The single soul was dwelling in two different bodies. 

You know what made her heart flow in these feelings. The kind heart of his Prince. She fell with his modesty, his faithfulness, his loyalty, his soft heart and his love for our Princess. She felt in love with his never ending friendship, his nice gestures and even with his arrogance, his killer attitude, his uncontrolled anger all these things in prince never even accepted by anyone else and falling for his charm was beyond her control. This was like a magic  to her, a tragedy, a beautiful dream or whatever you can name it. As she never thought of this.

But it happens naa.. sometime co-incidences has its own logic !

 She was afraid to confess but our prince charming was an intellectual soul. He knew what was going in that innocent heart, from what complications and confusions her heart was going to. The prince was the only one she could shared everything. 

The reason behind this level of understanding was their strong faith towards each other. Their friendship was above all these things, apart from the millions of things were going inside his mind, he was always there for her princess.

Because he knew that is the only best friend of her sweetheart.
Something was melting inside his heart. A very warm feeling he felt when she came around.

This is the best feeling for a girl that she has at least a friend, a best friend who listen to her without questioning her. 
Even though for everyone she was just another girl, but for him she means his world.

She is a kind of girl never opened the door of her heart for anyone in life. She was afraid to be broken. She thought no one would be there to put her broken pieces back. This was also a reason behind this much innocence of her heart for which the prince of our story falls in love with her.

The Prince was the shoulder to lean on, to cry on, the hand to hold while good and bad times, the one she can run to regardless to care what's the time right now, he was the one she can call in the mid of nights, and he cared enough to pick that one call anytime.

Probably this was the most amazing and beautiful reason made him to fall for her princess, the prince found in her sleeping beauty.

 But when she gave friendship a chance to enter in her life she made every moment of her friendship with her best friend worthwhile.

Because sometimes you fall in love with your best friend. She brings out the best of him when no one else can do this. She is now the Prince's another half. The moments they spent together becomes the most beautiful ones. She was living an another life. Even the more beautiful feelings were waiting for her.

Look at the life! how far we have come. Once both were strangers, then became friends, then best friends. Aren't they so blessed to have each other in life.
Give your life a chance, give love a chance. Let love find you!

Until then keep falling in love guys.Take care of the one loves you. See you soon with more beautiful butterflies of her heart.

Ye Kaisa Rishta: Tera Or Mera..!

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