Beyond My Control..

So you met our Princess and his Prince Charming.

This time, I let you know what was her thoughts about these flattery emotions. Which has got a soft corner in her heart, probably this was because of someone special she always wanted to be with.. That someone who has captured every second thought of her.. That someone who was in her mind when she wakes up in the morning. That someone who was the reason her heart was smiling like never before.. That one who was becoming The One from Someone and from Someone to Something more than just Someone.. Shayad.. he was entering in her life.. 

But our Sleeping Beauty had no idea she was completely unknown  about what was happening to her heart, shayad..wo anjan thi.. ya fir in jazbaton ka use tajurba nahi tha..

The most beautiful thing about her was.. she writes, she loves to play with words! she wrote everything in her secret diary.

Here, she is sharing her the third page of her diary in which she tried to explain her emotions.. Despite of knowing that this feeling can't be expressed in words..

Just take a look how beautifully she shared her innocent emotions..

I am scared of Love,
but i love these feelings.

I just don't understand these things,
these feelings, the thoughts.
because somewhere its all new for me, 
but i want to be like this always.. forever..

Reason is that I love myself when i feel You in Me..
Reason is that I love myself more when i could fee there is definitely Something in the air and its all because of You..

I just can't handle it, I go mad sometimes..
I know,
But this is what, this is the only thing for what my heart says something to me.. very sweet..

All yours,



I know you can't forget that feeling.. see you soon, take care everyone!! 

Until then Keep falling in love..

I'll be back.

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