Tuesday, 25 April 2017

You Are Always There.. In Heart !!

Hello beautiful people!

You know why I always say this "Hello Beautiful People" ??
Because I choose to be true to you!

There is a reason behind this, that is when your heart is filled with love, it starts to flow among everyone you are attached to. Same thing happens here too. May be it is more than your blessings to me, somewhere someone is praying for my success and well being.

Just like our connection with each other, there is one more story going on..

She is the one different from this materialistic world.
She has lots of delicateness in her heart.
Somewhere, she also felt love!
Somewhere, there is a music in her soul too.
There is a song in heartbeats, only his Prince Charming can listen.

You are now somewhere could relate why I always say that she is not a girl next door.
Because she is being blessed with this much of love and care.
Love and care not only from family, but lots more of this love and care from his special person too.
Doesn't matter he shows to her or not, but there is a soft corner.

Let's go once again to the journey of her life. This time I am going to tell the most amazing things of our Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming!!
You will get to know their friendship, their fights. And even how much they care for each other, despite of the fact that last moment they were fighting with each other.

How beautiful is this naa..
You have that one person in life, with whom you can fight a lot but he still cares..
It is the mind gets angry, but heart still cares naa..

Let's go..

So, here we are going to see her first day in school. Yes, our another home, where we start to design our life.
Somewhere, they both were creating their lives too. But who knew, this moment had hide their destinies. This day would tied them together for life!!

Eventually, when time was flying, their fights were turning into friendship and friendship was turning into something more beautiful...

You know one thing, how much they cared for each other..
School and playgrounds are the places they are together.
Morning wishes and prayers together.
Probably this prayer helped them, probably this was the time god blessed them with a life long friendship.
Probably this was the time,
Dono hi ek dusre ki duaon me the...

You never know who is praying for you!!

I know I always say that friendship makes you whatever you are. But somewhere when love enters in life, it creates a magic in life, it adds a glow to that spark which friendship gives to your life.

This was the trait of life, the snapshots of those moments what I was talking about and they had in their lives.

Sharing lunch with each other.
Sharing the same desk.
Pen fights, cross puzzles while lectures going on.
Leg fights if the other one disturbing you.
Pulling leg in the group of classmates.
Quenching hairs and..
Creating memories for life time..

Uske kaandhe pe sar rakh ker so jana..
Uska haath pakde pakde hi din guzar dena..

Wow !! kash ye pal yaheen tham jaye..

Wo ghar ki chhat par se ek dusre ko hii kehna.
Even sunday mornings to start hi nhi hoti thi jab tak ek dusre ka chehra na dekh le..

They are the souls came from somewhere else..
Beyond this world, beyond your imaginations!!

This happens when you meet someone in life, who teaches you to live life!!
When your efforts starts to turn into something passionate.
When your wishes starts to turn into reality...

And your eyes automatically starts to shine when your heart starts to sing!

This was something for today.
Will continue this story and probably in next post you will see how they became a complement to each other's lives.

Don't know how many of you remember me when I won't be here anymore. But I am so sure you won't be able to forget my words.

Bhool jaoge mujhe, meri baaton ko kaise bhulaoge..

Till then enjoy every moment of your friendship, every connection, every relation.
Celebrate each breath.
Because what you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.
See You Soon!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Aapka hona is Faith..

Kitni choti si hai duniya meri, Ek me hoon or ek dosti teri !!

So met Sizzlers haan..??

That is the most beautiful part of my life. The best thing ever I had is their friendship. Yes our friendship Sizzlers!

One day I will be no more, but you guys will always be there, in my heart. Promise me you will never leave my hands.

Kuch log khushbu ki tarah rooh me bas jate hain, dhadkan mein samaa jatein hain, hamesha ke liye.. fir chahe darmiyaan kitni bhi dooriyaan kyu naa aa jayein.. 
Wo ehsaas bankar aas paas hi rhte hain, aapke wajood me kuch is tarah se ghul mil jatein hain ki chah kar bhi judaa nahi ho pate. Har pal yaadon me hotein hain.

Ehsaas se kuch yaad aaya..

Ehsaas.. The most beautiful story of my life..!!

Welcome to my life.. Ehsaas.

Which can not fade away from thoughts, mind, intellect or heart or even from soul. 
Aapka ehsaas bhi kuch isi tarah se merevajood me samaa gaya. How sudden it was. The moments, the situations, all happened in the blink of an eye. But still fresh in memories as it was just yesterday..

Ruhaani Ishq Ki Pakizagi Ko Mehsoos Karne Ke Liye, Jismani Soch Se Upar Uthnaa Padta Hai !
Banda Parwar Ki Yeh Nemat Har Kisi Ki Kismat Me Nahi Hoti, Iske Liye Kuch Khas Dil Makhsoos Hote Hain..

My life has been truly changed from the day you entered in my life. I know, for you I am very much difficult to handle, you know that but still you are there for me. You have seen me at my best, you have seen me at my worst. 

When people left, you hold my hands.
You loved me when I was not so lovable.
When life seems to be so difficult, you encouraged to stand up and live again.
When there was no hope, you became my guiding light.
I want to know, why??

Why you are the last thought in my mind when I go to sleep. 
Tell me naa..

 Why every morning I wake up with a smile.??
Why you became the first thought that comes in my mind, when I wake up in the morning.

Don't know why and how ??
But from the day I born you are supposed to be there in my heart. There is a picture never revealed to anyone. 

Only thing I know is that, once I made a wish and wanted You !!
And he sent you in my life.
Seems like a dream came true.

This has been written in my destiny. 
If not, then why life and this universe always conspires us to become One ??

One day If what I feel is true, destiny will make us One!
I'll be waiting.
This heart will be waiting.
Life will be waiting.
For you..
Ehsaas !!

Somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, stupid little fights, and our lame jokes..
I fell in love.

You never know what life has planned for you.
Coming soon with upcoming posts.
Till then keep falling in love.
See You !

Sunday, 16 April 2017

LoVe YoU S!iZzLeRsS..!!

After this much of our busy schedules, when we enter the home and lean on our couch or sofas and close the eyes, the moment we close our eyes and a mysterious smile comes on our lips that no one knows about.

Ever been in this situation??
I am so sure!

Eventually, there comes a time when you get to know.. what life is all about??
No, I am not going to share the next page of our Sleeping Beauty's diary.
What I am going to share is the most beautiful moments of life. I know those moments are in my heart and can not be defined in words. But sometime in life it becomes impossible to resist the flow of love and passion for something or someone or a group of those beautiful hearts, seems to live in each other's hearts !
This is not just an experience of my life.This is a journey of my life.
And You Are My Life.. Sizzlers !!

Yeah Sizzlers!!

Sizzlers is not just a club or gang or a group to hangout, Sizzlers is a whole life to live!!
Sizzlers are a glorious spark which embarks the fire within one selves not only to be loved but teaches to love.. to leave a sparkle wherever you go. !!
Sizzlers is what you choose to be. 

Sizzlers is gut feeling which makes you to stand apart from crowd with your own kind of imperfections.

There is Friendship, Attitude, Curiosity, Creativity, Ambitiousness, Professionalism.
There is a Culture.

In fact, Sizzlers is a culture itself. A culture of being some to look up, being someone you can count on!

Sizzlers is another name of Togetherness, Dedication, Trust, Promises, Fights, Smiles, Anger, Sympathy and.. what not !

You are those who made my heart Smile!
You are those colors of my life, colored the canvas of life with a soul.

I remember the moment when it was my first day in the life of Sizzlers.
That was the day and the moment you are reading the most beautiful part of my life.
 Ishan Trivedi is the one supports me at every moment of my life.

 He is an inspiration for me.

When I feel that stage fear, Emone Aman Pathak is the guy my eyes wants to see.

You know one thing about this guy.. this guy has become my strength since the day I met him. He is the one who is An Enthusiast, Sports lover, An Amazing Dancer, Strictly Professional Phenomena but Softy inside.
If I have to tell about this guy in just one line then there is only one thing to say..
That he is the most beautiful heart in this world.

When it comes to life, life has ups and downs, it keeps on changing the tracks. Only one thing is stable and true in life and that is our friendship Sizzlers.

Whatever be the situations you guys never gave up on me. It's really hard to find a single person like anyone of you, anyone of you Sizzlers!

Don't get senty, as story does not ends here, there is lots more to come..
What matters a lot is..
The smile you gave me!

There always comes a time when someone comes in your life and make it so much of beautiful that you never expected. There comes a grace in life, there comes a beauty in life, there comes love in life, there comes a life in your lives...

You know what the best feeling is when I am with you guys.
Sizzlers is something that gives life a spark.
Life is a party when I am with you guys.!!

We The Sizzlers!

Celebrate Each Breath.
See you really soon.
Till then keep falling in love guys.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

I Choose To Be With You!

This  awesome feeling can never die in this world..

You know what our Sleeping beauty is one of the secret admirers ( as he has a long list of secret admirers and of-course, her Prince is not an ordinary guy, he is a man of her Sleeping Beauty's dreams.) of her Prince Charming!

Sharing the next page of her diary, she wrote thinking of her best friend who is on the way to be her prince charming. She didn't even shared her feeling with the prince. She know everything that somewhere from the core of her heart she is living a life with him, he is planning his future with her, for her. Both are dedicated to each other and still totally unknown from the fact that-

You can't chase love. Love just happens..
And a millions of bells rings simultaneously, as your heart beams, sings and dances, with the gorgeous plums of breathless delights.

Somewhere it has become more than just a friendship for both of them, still the innocence comes around and tie them together again as friends or best friends. Still they are the best companion for each other, their hearts were beating for each other. Both of them made to be the most lovable togetherness of love and friendship.

You know what, its an amazing feeling when you have someone in your holding your hands no matter what comes in life!!

Despite from the feelings when she is falling for the prince, he is still very close to her heart more as her best friend.

He is always there for her, he stays up all night talking to her so that she never felt alone.

He cancels his plans in a second for her princess without thinking twice.
He is such a beautiful heart friend that,
He would rather hold her while she's crying than just ignoring her.
He will make sure that you always get the best of your life.

What they are for each other is beyond our imaginations. They are the best complements for each other. He became the colors of paintings of her life. She became an inspiration for her good deeds. It is just what everyone dreams of.

Still her feelings were beyond this materialistic world. As her world was smiling from the moment he came in her life!!

See what she thinks in her own words..

Have you ever crossed the street where we have spent lots of moments, the best moments of our childhood. Those beautiful memories cherished my heart and my soul when you were far away.

See yourself with my eyes only when you would realize what you are for me. An untold story you are, i want to complete. Try to read my silence dear, you will find the best of you. I want to be your complements. I was not the same, what i am now after the day you came in my life!

You've enriched my life with so many smiles and colors of friendship with the huge rainbow of your trust and care. Nourished and flourished with melodious raining of your motivation and affection. If something comes in the lives of others, because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality. And all this happiness coming in my life just because of you!

Jane kaisa rishta hai..
Jo pak hai, pavitra hai, 
Untouched from this life's race.
Ek rishta,
Benaam rishta..
Jisme sirf vishwas hai, aapki wafaayein hain aur mere ehsaas hain.
Sabse khubsurat ehsaas hain.
Ek esa bandhan jiska koi naam nahi,
Fir bhi uska wajood hai, dil mein, man mein.
Shraddha hai, is rishte mein.
Vishwas hai, samarpan hai, soul hai.
Kyuki wahaan ehsaas hai,
kyuki wahaan aap ho..!!

Is rishte me sachchayi hai, masoomiyat hai, shokhi hai, nazakat hai, adaa hai.
Its a graceful, charming and magical bond among us ties all things together.

Kuch log khushbu ki man me bas jatein hain, dhadkan mein sama jatein hain, hamesha ke liye.. 
Distance does not matter for them who love.
Wo ehsaas bankar aas paas hi rehtein hain, har pal yaadon mein hotein hain.

And suddenly you were my everything!!

What i know about my life is that..

This has been written in my destiny.
One thing i can say about me is that i chose to be with you till the last breath. Till my heart stops beating. Till the moment i am no longer in this world. And probably beyond the limitations i choose to be with you. Only you!

Someday when the pages of my life end, i know that you will be one of the most beautiful chapters.

Hey! Feeling like this story would never have an end ?? 
Keep that person for lifetime who loves you without any condition!
Someday hopefully Princess will be sharing the another pages of her beautiful journey.
With this beautiful note, i'll see you soon, with more beautiful feelings of our Princess in upcoming blog posts.
May your life be filled with an endless love.
Till then keep falling in love!!
See You.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Yaadon Ke Nazuk Palon Pe Chala Aaya Pyaar..

Its awesome when someone understands you more than you.

What i feel for you nobody understands, still people say you smile in my eyes.. is it??

Zindagi ko ek naya mod mila hai aapke aane se.. 

aye dil..

dekho naa, dekhte hi dekhte itne saal guzar gaye.. kabhi aapse aur aapki yaadon aapki yaadon se dooori bana li thi, kabhi apne dil se bhoola dene ki koshish ki thi, wo nakamyab koshishein thi aapse door jane ki.. par jitna bhi aapse door jana chaha utna hi kareeb aa gaye hum!!
Dil aapko aur bhi jyada yaad karne laga, jane kab aur kese aapko humne aur hamare is dil ne apni duniya me shamil kar liya..

Aur hamein kuch khabar bhi nahi hui..

Zindagi kab aapse judne lagi, kab aapke khwab sanjone lagi.
Jane kab aap hamari zindagi me is kadar shamil ho gaye aur kab aap hamari zindagi ban gaye, aur hum..
Hum apne hi dil se har gaye..

Is kadar hamare khwab-o-khayalon me bas gaye aur kab hamari chahat ban gaye..

Sand just flow from our hands but still someone's presence takes my breath away..

Meri life ek dua ki tarah aaye jaise mere khayalon ko sabse khubsurat shakl mil gayi ho..

Kyu dil aap par sabse jyada aitebar karta hai, kyu aapse aur sirf aapse hi ye pyaar karta hai.

Why when you are around i feel nervous, when you are not around i feel missing, i feel lost, lost in your thoughts..

Why my heart beats so fast when i feel your presence around me!!
Why you mean this much special to me??

What do you think prince??
Doesn't matter what world says for me what i feel for you never gonna change!!

You  are my best friend for life, my companion, whom i loved with all my heart and soul.
The first and The last person in my heart.
You know what,
You are the Prince Charming of my life.
The one i always have and still very close to my heart.
The one who bring soft smiles to my lips.
I want to have my shell of your heart.
The one who shines in my eyes.
And The one who always comes in my dreams and says "hey sleeping beauty.. do you know what happens when prince kissed her princess?? .." and i wake up with 'not so normal' heartbeats ..

Touched your soul naa.. When love enters in life, it changes your whole life.

 See you with another part of her beautiful journey, untill then keep falling in love.!!

Ye Kaisa Rishta: Tera Or Mera..!

Haan.. Tumhara or Mera ..  Ye kaisa rishta hai,  Jisme na mene tumhe kisi dor se bandha hai, Na hi tumne mujh par koi sawa...