LoVe YoU S!iZzLeRsS..!!

After this much of our busy schedules, when we enter the home and lean on our couch or sofas and close the eyes, the moment we close our eyes and a mysterious smile comes on our lips that no one knows about.

Ever been in this situation??
I am so sure!

Eventually, there comes a time when you get to know.. what life is all about??
No, I am not going to share the next page of our Sleeping Beauty's diary.
What I am going to share is the most beautiful moments of life. I know those moments are in my heart and can not be defined in words. But sometime in life it becomes impossible to resist the flow of love and passion for something or someone or a group of those beautiful hearts, seems to live in each other's hearts !
This is not just an experience of my life.This is a journey of my life.
And You Are My Life.. Sizzlers !!

Yeah Sizzlers!!

Sizzlers is not just a club or gang or a group to hangout, Sizzlers is a whole life to live!!
Sizzlers are a glorious spark which embarks the fire within one selves not only to be loved but teaches to love.. to leave a sparkle wherever you go. !!
Sizzlers is what you choose to be. 

Sizzlers is gut feeling which makes you to stand apart from crowd with your own kind of imperfections.

There is Friendship, Attitude, Curiosity, Creativity, Ambitiousness, Professionalism.
There is a Culture.

In fact, Sizzlers is a culture itself. A culture of being some to look up, being someone you can count on!

Sizzlers is another name of Togetherness, Dedication, Trust, Promises, Fights, Smiles, Anger, Sympathy and.. what not !

You are those who made my heart Smile!
You are those colors of my life, colored the canvas of life with a soul.

I remember the moment when it was my first day in the life of Sizzlers.
That was the day and the moment you are reading the most beautiful part of my life.
 Ishan Trivedi is the one supports me at every moment of my life.

 He is an inspiration for me.

When I feel that stage fear, Emone Aman Pathak is the guy my eyes wants to see.

You know one thing about this guy.. this guy has become my strength since the day I met him. He is the one who is An Enthusiast, Sports lover, An Amazing Dancer, Strictly Professional Phenomena but Softy inside.
If I have to tell about this guy in just one line then there is only one thing to say..
That he is the most beautiful heart in this world.

When it comes to life, life has ups and downs, it keeps on changing the tracks. Only one thing is stable and true in life and that is our friendship Sizzlers.

Whatever be the situations you guys never gave up on me. It's really hard to find a single person like anyone of you, anyone of you Sizzlers!

Don't get senty, as story does not ends here, there is lots more to come..
What matters a lot is..
The smile you gave me!

There always comes a time when someone comes in your life and make it so much of beautiful that you never expected. There comes a grace in life, there comes a beauty in life, there comes love in life, there comes a life in your lives...

You know what the best feeling is when I am with you guys.
Sizzlers is something that gives life a spark.
Life is a party when I am with you guys.!!

We The Sizzlers!

Celebrate Each Breath.
See you really soon.
Till then keep falling in love guys.

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