Found You, While Chasing The Life...!

You know what a friendship offers to you?? It offers you a whole Life. A life which you can not forget, a life which is irreplaceable, unforgettable.We all have some crazy minds, those silly and crazy hearts!
Some uniquely designed souls sent to us, seems like the god sent us to be together.

The gang that never left your hands!

Who knows the lyrics of the song your heart sings.
You know they are one of them, who complete the lyrics of that incomplete song which you have written in your status updates.
Fate may had the chance to choose my relatives, but my friends are those whom I choose to be with.
It is not only about the time we share desk in those boring lectures, it is about that moment when we say exactly same things and then look at each other and ask.. "what, you too??"

"Those our kind of Crazy People"

That first smile and first handshake told us that this hand you hold not to be left. This promise were not to be broken. These bike rides were not to be destined at a single place, but to explore another adventure. Those canteen parties were not be on bench. Those cute pics were not for memories, but to create a zombie on background. And another life was started..

And eventually somewhere between all our secret parties,our lame jokes, pulling legs of each other, sharing and caring of each other, somewhere between all those silly fights even, we grow with them.

Aur ese karte karte.. jab door jane ka waqt kareeb aane lagta hai, to esa lagta hai jaise dil se dhadkan door ja rhi ho!

You know what, we've lived a whole life in these 4 years of our graduation, with a picture of beautiful memories created.
Let's start again, let's go for this journey life again, let's live those moments again.
Take a look at those glimpse of our life.

That Bachpana in 1st year of college. Tie those long hairs of that cute girl with desk. Fighting for Unicorn Dash, became the addicted shuggle. Revealing unknown secrets. Reading someone's chat loudly in class and sabka maze lekar sunna.

First college bunk in 1st year:

It was just rained. And a sudden plan to bunk the lectures and visit Ralamandal. Seemed so interesting, not that mountain but that first college bunk!
The gorgeous plums of rustling breeze were calling us from the top of the Ralamandal was enough to made us break all the rules. That fear of caught up and being punished was like a celebration, because while punished others were studying and we outside, again in the corridor.

That Ralamandal Bunk. Burning feet, thirsty weather, bhook to esi lagi thi ke pucho mat, wo ek bite ke 2 partners hona.
And sharing of even some drops of water among every member of the group!
Itne kaminey dost ab kahaan milenge??

See what our Shinchaen says about this bunk, "The nervousness of bunking the lectures made me shivered inside, my heart was beating so fast as it would pop my nerves out. But when my best friend took my hand and pulled me in. That 'one pull' was enough to let my heart know that yes we are together forever, with smiles and with tears".

And this craziness doesn't stops here, even it has been larger than life with each day of our togetherness.

Surbhi Ma'm ke lectures bunk krke Cafeteria me jake chill karna. That amazing moment when teacher throw us out of the class. Instead of going back after lecture, wahaan se bhi gayab ho jana. Faculty ka pura college search karna or hamara terrace par chupa hona.

Waving hand to faculty and culty from lab lectures. That right left in corridor with Atish Sir and Vinay Sir.

And then Tinchha Fall Bunk!

Best bunk ever, raining and bike riding, what a sizzling chemistry, not only among the nature but among all of us too!
Selfies on the road. Wo baarish me bheegna or bhutta khana.
Or to or police ke inquiry karne par Punnu ka ye kehnaa, 'Sir, we are Family'.

And while taking objection by anyone against these bunks tohh uska 'Bhandara' kar dena!

The Choral Trip:

The completely strange trip. All the fears and anger came out here up to Ash. That unending jungle and gumshuda sa rasta. And blaming Ash for this awesome kidnapping!

The team who won all the medals of the university, nothing has left undone! from lecture bunks to top the class in exams, from breaking glasses to glamorizing any event. These things are the amenities of our our life to cherish forever.

Let's meet some of those who have enriched my life with a grace. They are the stars of my life. Stars because they did not leave me in dark clouds, may disappeared due to circumstances but I knew they are there!

 Ashwin Verma 

Ashwin urf Kawwa urf Chussu. The boxer. bachpana aur masti toh isme kut kut kar bhari hai.. A guy with a naughty heart, arrogant outside, softi inside. Guy who loves to tease girls. His day is not a day well spent until he doesn't get a 'Dose' from Sarii. Tere hairs ko bhott pyaar mila hai girls se.

Emone Aman Pathak

Aman urf Chirkut. The Backbone of Sizzlers. A kind heart inside, Ladkiyan to bhai ki sabse badi kamzoriyon me shumar. Expert in breaking glasses. Gussa to jese naak par betha rhta hai. Still he is the most caring man, who understands everything but pange lena to koi tujhse sikhe. Studies to jese koi anjan si ladki hai jiski or bhai dekhta bhi nahi. Ek baat jo koi nahi janta wo ye ke faculty ke piche se funny videos chalane wala yahi chirkut hai.

Pratyush Sinha

Pratyush urf Dodo urf Chickoo.The bindas guy, food lover. The teddy bear of our our group who has adorned this friendship with a huge cuteness. Bindas ladka jise is duniya dari se koi matlab nahi. The most caring heart. Jo galti krne par date bhi to us par pyaar aa jaye. A guy whose pocket is always full of chocolates. Chocolates not for himself but for his friends. I still remember that 'Melody'. You know what Dodo.. within you I found a shoulder to lean on specially when I cried. Jesa hai naa wesa hi rehna hamesha, kabhi chnage mat hona.

Nidhi Raj

Nidhi urf DD urf Bundi Rayta. The another name of motherhood. JagatMata. The Socialist of Sizzlers. A girl jo sabki didi hai. The most lovable girl in our group. The JagatMata. The collection of retro songs. Manmohnaa is still a benchmark!

Palak Azad

The Black Beauty. A gorgeous girl with a beautiful heart. The artist in the gang. Namkaran bhi isi ke hawale. Seems like her veins are full of fun, forget blood. That bird jise khana bhi khane bhott zor aata hai. But haan when she is with us, moments becomes hillarious. The girl who never gets tired of laughing.

Ishaan Trivedi

Sharafat ki toh hadd. Ishaan urf Ishii baba. Bhai ko aaj tak koi ladki pasand nahi aayi. That chota packet bhott bada dhamaka. The most beautiful part is, in this world most of the people feel proud to commit that I am addicted to success. When it comes to our Ishii baba 'Success is addicted to him'.

Sameer Singh

Aw_Sam urf  Shinchaen urf Mangal Pandey. The adorable smile. The supporting hand. Pagal gentleman. Bachon jesa dil aur vaddi vaddi batein. Itna kuch kese koi manage kr skta hai. I still remember that water bottle when I cried during the 'Raodies'. The copy cat who always irritate with his dance but touches heart with his smile.

That one friend who is always ready to go out of the class, every time.
'Kaminey Friends' with them life is a celebration!

That lunch break will never be the same. Those lunch boxes would never gonna be shared in that same way as "Jo tera wo mera, or jo mera wo toh mera hai hi.."


Koi itna zaroori sa kyu ho gaya..
Kyu kisi ki talsh is tarah se hai jaise zameen talashti ho uska aasman..
Zindagi ka koi bhi pal uske bagair to adhura hi lagta hai..
kyu kuch dil itne khas ho gaye..

I found them while chasing life!
And they became my life!

Never ever in life I fell short of words, but this time my hands are shivering, mind is unstable, heart is full of mixed emotions.
Each and every moment we've spent together is running in flashback!

Those birthday surprises..

Lecture bunks..

Seniorgiri.. bunk from the lectures..

Those adventurous bike rides..

Crazy stupid selfies outside the examination hall..

Cheering up for the team from the top of Canteen..

Don't know whether I am happy or sad inside, don't know what to say, lots of things are there going on inside the heart.
From this day, whole life is going to be changed forever.
I am surely gonna miss those kaminey hearts a lot!
They are those people in this world who care for me more than they care for themselves.

From morning to night, mind is going to stuck in job and heart is going to be nowhere in search of that corner, where I may found someone of you!
I may be searching a corner trying to pretend everything is normal, but inside..

Whole world will seem to be an unknown place to me, because my world lies in you, did you ever notice this??

So here came that day, the last exam of graduation, only this moment is ours don't know in future where everyone's the life will be heading, don't know what will happen next day, don't know what our destiny holds!

From this day, Canteen will not be "The Spot". Those hands of each other won't be there to hold. Those shoulders won't be there  to cry on.
That Lunch Box won't be the same.
Those Pen Fights won't be there.

Everyone will be on the way they have decided.
They will be moving on towards "Those Pointless Dreams" finally.

Ishii Baba ki Mandali ab kahaan hogi..??

For whom Ash will be fighting with the coach, for whom, Emone ??

With whom we share our success, our failures after this day..??
Who will be there to boost your will power just by a tight hug..??

That Hug won't be there.

Those honeybees at the roof of our "Hangout Adda" going to miss us..
Wo apne adde par Akshay Sir or Rahul Sir ka aana or bye krke wapis chale jana. And then within minutes the whole squad was there to 'take class' of all of us.

After all, who will dare to throw stones on Queen bee ?? 

Don't know where I will be heading in life, but one thing is so sure that when there will be no hope to live, they will become the reason to live again.

These moments are never going to come back, we never know what destiny holds for us, as everyone has his own story.

Let's slow down the time. Let's live again those moments. Let's share that lunch. Let's hug each other once more. The Last Time. After all tomorrow will be the last day in our campus. The last day of college life.

Its hard to describe 4years in 4 line..  or to sum-up 4years of emotions in 4para.  But still the only thing that i can say is..

Trying to hit that emotion for the last time with Sameer. He says..

"Institutions is a land of percentage. On the other hand,
 Our life is a land of emotions and amusement.
So as our college life where we try to score more n more,
Just not by studying but also buy enjoying to its core."

The time has come to say good bye to all.
The Campus.
Those Classrooms once we decorated with our VIP Signatures.
That Glass of the window, once we broke.
That Corridor, once was the "Gupshup" area for us!

You know lots of things will remain unsaid. Loads of emotions going to be left behind unsaid words! But gonna miss you, everyone of you. Best wishes for the your great future !!

And.. this is me saying good bye to everyone of you. The celebration of graduation ends here!

Have an awesome life ahead..
Good bye to all who have ever been a part of my college life. Thanks for being in my life!

Will meet with another story, over here. Always there for you guys. Bas mujhe bhool mat jana.
Till then Keep Falling In Love!

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