Thursday, 29 June 2017

Long Way To Go..

Hey Lovable Smiles !

Whats up??

Writing after a long time.

Actually an incident made me pen up this story. :p

Yeah, Inspired from this life. Inspired from those sweet mornings. Those cuddles. Gestures of Loving and Caring.

Do share if u can connect yourself too.

The Spark in this story is, the dedication toward their life. That was a life. The Ambiance which was getting more sophisticated with each day they spent together.

It was neither the hatred nor the love. It was a form of friendship. Turning out to be taken a step forward.

Celebration of each moment of their togetherness.

Those lazy mornings, and Coffee mug. We shared all things together.

The sweet gestures, strings of my heart were flowing by your affection.

The smell of your scent woke me up.

But never let me fall asleep.

You are always there, in my eyes. Being your behalf.

Still miles away from being your better half.


Essential in life is what ??

You hold my hands. And made me believe that,

We are there for each other.

No matter what life will bring to us.

Just because we are Best Friends. :)

Really best friends ??

Nothing else..??

You comfort my irregular heart beats.

You captured the Heart.

Became the Reason. Behind those beautiful Smiles. Adored on my face.

The core of my heart will fall for you.

Don't do this,

To me.

I won't be able to resist the feelings.

If once I will fall for You.



Share your views and feedback right here in comment box. 

See you soon with the most fascinating part of life.

Till then Create Love Stories.

Take Care.

B-bye. :) Have fun..!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Kick Start a Life..!

Hey There,

It has been quiet long time since the last post. Life is on all new track now. Towards the dreams. Nailing the way.

This time I think, everyone of my age could relate to. It has been thirteen days, left behind the so called 'College Life'. 

At 13th, a child becomes a teenager. Ye to life hai !!

The day after Adieu Ceremony. Whole life was changed. And it keeps on changing. As I always say Life keeps on changing the tracks.

That time I eluded. May be I didn't. But life is an echo. And it keeps on hitting back to you.

That vogue has been crystal clear now. Like droplets.

All those Unsaid words and secret Gazes told. 

Those Enchanting talks overwhelmed the Soul.

Lots more has been there to Express. 

Who has the Guts to say and Confess.

Do Not take back, if the step has taken. 

Listen to the heart and Magic will happen.

Fragrance of Tulips, bonding among us, flattery feelings and the Heart. Has came up with alluring moments. Bring a smile and made the Life this Large.

And of course, I have the Guts. To Express & to Confess. And this Expressive attitude is a journey in itself as well. 

May be I have done some good Karmas earlier in life. So that he gave me such beautiful Life. I feel gifted. Because of  You. Yes, You !

Everyone has that Spark in Life. Some says it all. Some confides to Hearts.

Find your Spark. Let your real self Shine.

Let love come in.

Coming up next with some surprises. Be ready #mini_pro. Inspired by You.

Till then Take Care of your Loved Ones. And make them feel Loved.

See You !!

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