Embrace The Life..!

Hey Beautiful Smiles !


Hope everything is absolutely imperfect.


Now, why I said imperfect??
So, here is the reason.
Because imperfections has its own beauty. Own kind of completeness. Worthiness, Elegance and lots more..!

Sometimes, it becomes..

A reason for those Pointless Dreams.
Reason behind the Music of Life.

The Craziness of our Togetherness.
The Smiles with Tears in eyes.

And the person in your thoughts right now.

You can't deny the fact,

That, Yes someone made my Life's Journey worth while.

Today's blog is all about that 'One' person in life. With whom you do not share any blood relation. But still That One has occupied the most of your heart.

Matter to us is what?
Who won the race or Who hold the hand meanwhile.

Both are different aspects of life. But,


How's the Life when, You found your Inspiration in your Companion.


Believe me. Nothing is more beautiful than that.

The One who is Equally yours.
Silly fights.

Do you remember. That guy or that Girl. Who used to sit next to you. In every lecture.
Childhood memories.
If you ever noticed.
Ever fought with classmates for that LunchBox.

And when that Champ is absent in Class. After finishing school. Instead of preaching to home. Straight to her home. And then.. wahi pyaari batein.

Uske saath time to jaise pankh laga kar ud jata tha.

Sharing Lunch at her Home.
Pending Classwork.
Incomplete Projects.

And while completing those tiny WorkLoads, that Silly Fight for Stupid Reasons.

Aah...! what a Feeling.
Life itni Careless kabhi naa thi.

And that Noodle Bowl.
Less eating, more playing.

I am glad to have you.
#Laddu <3

What I tried to sum up is a journey of  a step ahead Friendship raised with Love.

Lots more to write. Lots of love is there. Just give it chance. Give life a chance.

Let's create some stories. 

Till then Keep Inspiring the World.

See you !

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